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The No1 VENUE in NEWRY for your HEN PARTY. Choose from a Pole Dance or Burlesque Party or maybe have a little bit of both! Call us on 07846685881 to book your party now.

NEW BEGINNER POLE COURSE starts on MONDAY 12th January at 7.30pm. Why not tone up and have some fun all at the same time! SPECIAL JANUARY COURSE OFFERS

*BEGINNER BURLESQUE WORKSHOPS* Every Monday @ 9.00 pm. All welcome. Ring to book. *BURLESQUE FOR THE MORE ADVANCED* Tuesdays @ 9pm Dont forget to check out our Burlesque Belles website.



Thank you so much girls, a great experience. I couldn't have done it without your help, you are both fantastic pole teachers. ELAINE HENNING,Newry (Miss Pole Fitness 2006)

Thank you so much Pole Fitness for making my hen night unforgetable. I loved every muscle aching minute!! the boas and photos were fantastic!! Hope to sign up for the next beginner course. Thanks again girls. xxx SHARON Mc ALLISTER, Lurgan

Another session over already, it goes too fast. Lovin the new tricks and routines. I've never looked so good. Thanks babes xxx PAULA Mc PARLAND (aka Pink Princess)

Pole Fitness Courses & Classes

Pole Fitness offers 8 week beginner, intermediate, advanced and now super-advanced pole fitness courses which will help to promote body toning, firming, body confidence, sensuality, empowerment and fun! Our pole dancing instructors have Pole Teacher Qualification..

We offer a range of pole fitness courses from beginners to advanced level, and are launching super-advanced classes in October 2006..

8 Week Beginner Course
Cost £80/ course
8 classes each 1hour & 15 mins
Every 8 weeks

8 Week Intermediate Course
Cost £80/ course
8 classes each 1 hour & 15 mins
Every 8 weeks
8 Week Advanced Course
Cost £80/ course
8 classes each 1hour & 15 mins
Every 8 weeks
8 Week Super Advanced Course
Cost £80/ course
8 classes each 1hour & 15 mins
Starts October 2006
These classes are held at 6.00p.m, 7.30 p.m and 9.00p.m each evening from Monday to Thursday.

There are 10 persons per class, with each person having their own pole.

A certificate will be awarded upon completion of each course.

Other Courses, Classes & Practice Sessions

We also offer the following;

  • Continuation classes; maintain fitness on a weekly basis
  • Taster Classes; £12
  • Practice sessions; £5 for up to 3 hours on a Saturday.

To find out more, or book a course contact Cara or Lyn on 07841 202 760 (after 4 p.m.)

Pole Fitness Certificates & Awards

Upon the completion of the Pole Fitness courses, a certifcate will be awarded.

Pictures of Recent Certificate Winners

Pole Tips

  • No oils or body lotions; wearing creams or lotions before your pole class can prove dangerous. You don't want to slip off the pole!
  • Always warm up, stretch and cool down; Warming up before a workout and colling down after one minimizes injury and strain. Stretching helps prepare and strengthen your muscles for the workout they are about to do. You are going to be using new and rarely used muscles, so prepare your body by using our great warm up exercises.
  • Grip the pole; You will need as much bare skin as possible to grip the pole. Wearing sleeveless tops and shorts will make some of your pole moves easier.
  • Check your posture; Use the mirrors to check your posture and poise. It will remind you to hold in your stomach and correct bad positioning.
  • Be Sexy; Wearing high heels will make you feel and look instantly sexier!! It will help with exotic floor moves and pole tricks - just be careful to take things slowly and gracefully.
  • Be Confident; Be confident in your moves, express yourself and don't worry about the size of your bum/ tummy etc. You'll look fantastic on your pole.
  • Look after your pole; Keep your pole dry by wiping with a cloth when slippy or wet.
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